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WF series

Commercial wood burning furnaces

These wood burning furnaces were developed for the demands of heating commercial buildings. The simple design combines high BTU output, very low maintenance, easy ash clean out, durable stainless steel construction and much more. Features you need for your business where time is money and return on investment matters.

  • Features.
    Round firebox and water jacket is easy to clean and distributes stress evenly.  Large firebox door with ball-bearing door latch for easy wood loading and ash removal. Reliable digital Ranco temperature control. High visibility water level float. Forced air draft gives very quick heat recovery.

  • Materials.
    409 stainless steel firebox and water jacket. No corrosion in firebox from condensation & good heat transfer. Reflective fiberglass blanket insulation completely surrounds water jacket.

  • Accessible hookups.                                                          Large insulated rear door, makes installation a breeze.

  • Simplicity.                                                                        Ash is removed with a shovel around once per month. Easy for employees to learn to operate. Lowest maintenance design of any furnace we've offered.

  • Fuel.                                                                                         Specifically designed to burn large cord wood. Less cutting and splitting.

  • Easy repair.                                                       Firebox/water jacket tank unbolts from legs allowing a complete rebuild in a few hours without a welder. Side panels are easily removed to change colors.

  • Non-Residential only in the USA.           Emissions regulations do not allow for installation to a residence. Can be installed to shops, greenhouses, barns and other similar buildings.

During the development phase of these units every feature and option was carefully analyzed. The final result is based on value, user-friendliness and performance from the perspective of a commercial wood burner. This design is designed to minimize complexity yet deliver the high BTU output you need.

WF 4000

Width - 44"

Length - 70"

Height - 72"

Fire Box - 32" round x 44"L

Chimney Size - 6"

Door Size - 20" x 20"

Supply Size -  1 - 1" can be teed

Return -  1- 1" can be teed

Water Capacity -150 gallons

Approx. Heating Space -  4,000 sq ft, 8' ceilings, well insulated.

Max BTU's - 175,000

WF 8000

Width - 50"

Length - 80"

Height - 87"

Fire Box - 33 1/2" W x 42" H x 56"L

Chimney Size - 8"

Door Size - 24" x 24"

Supply Size -  2- 1"

Return -  2- 1"

Water Capacity -250 gallons

Approx. Heating Space -  8,000 sq ft, 8' ceilings, well insulated.

Max BTU's - 400,000

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