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We have had many customers ask- "Is the G series furnace different than my neighbor's outdoor furnace?

The answer is-

Yes, it is somewhat different. But a whole lot better! Wood heating will never be the same again.

The G series models are downdraft wood furnaces. What this means is the smoke and unburned gasses are drawn down through the hot bed of coals instead of exiting directly out the chimney. The gasses are then forced through a very restricted ceramic nozzle where extra super-heated oxygen is added. The fuel/air mix is blown out of the nozzle into a ceramic reburn chamber where the gasses mix violently and burn at temperatures over 2,000 F. This complete combustion is why there is no remaining smoke and efficiency is so much better than a traditional outdoor furnace.

The exhaust gasses are then drawn through vertical heat exchange tubes that exchange the heat into the water jacket. This heat is ready to be circulated into your house, shop, etc. just like any other outdoor furnace.

So what will you experience using a G series furnace?

  • Little to no smoke. Your neighbors may not know you even have a wood furnace.

  • Ultra efficiency. Users are reporting using dramatically less wood.

  • Downdraft wood burning is very easy to learn to do. We will give you thorough training.

  • Very simple day to day use. Shake the ash cleaning handle at least once per week. Empty small amount of ash perhaps every other week to a month or two, depending on wood type. The G models are some of the lowest maintenance furnaces to operate on the market, traditional updraft or downdraft-type.

  • Expect to store your wood til it is under 30% moisture. Moisture meter is included. A dry place to store wood is important.

  • Max wood diameter of 8-12", depending on model.

  • G series smoke bypass will keep smoke smell off your clothing.

I have burned a G series furnace now for 6 years. The ease of use, efficiency, and lack of smoke was an eye opener for me. I'm convinced downdraft burning in a G series unit is beyond question the best way to heat with wood. Try it and I think you'll agree.


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