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Furnace Parts

Videos explaining how to replace parts are here.

We stock much, much more than what we can list on this page. If you do not see listed what you need or are unsure of what part will repair your furnace call Eldon Yoder at 540-250-2495. If you reach voice mail, please be sure to leave your phone number clearly.

You can also text a picture of the part you need to the same phone number or email us at

Orders usually ship next business day. 5.3% sales tax applies in VA.

Shipping will vary depending on the item weight and your location. Typical cost is between $8-$15. We can get a quote using your zip code.

HeatMaster water treatment.jpg
HeatMaster Certified  Water Treatment

HeatMaster requires this treatment and factory testing to maintain warranty. Test bottles are free.

$29 quart

$89.00 gallon

Draft Fans

4C446 or 1TDP7
(fits most smaller furnaces)



4C447 or 1TDR3 
(fits MF 10,000 and newer C375)


Ranco Temp Control

Ranco temp. control,
standard for MF and C series


Flat Plate Heat Exchanger

3x8" 30 Plate. 3/4" FNPT, NPT, and 1 x 3/4" Pex outlets



 3 x 8" 20 Plate 3/4" FNPT, NPT outlets



Bell and Gosset NRF-22 standard size pump


Grundfos 15-58 standard size pump


Bell and Gossett NRF-25 larger standard size pump


Badger Pump 25-10 large pump


Taco 0011


 Taco 009


Hot Air Heat Exchanger












Many more sizes available.

Solenoid        4 x 240

One size fits all furnaces except G series.


1" Fire Rope

MF 5000 or other units with 20"x20" firebox door takes 7 1/2 ft. Mf 10,000 or similar sized unit takes 9 ft. Ash pan doors take 3.5 ft.


Silicone for installing fire rope- $9.99/ tube.

Insulated Pipe

Two 1" Pex lines in insulated 4" corrugated pipe.

Price - $7.50 per ft.

Shipping - Pickup only

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