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Wood heating at it's best. Now with industry leading efficiency and a $2,000 tax credit!

The G series model line is HeatMaster's best selling wood burner. The G series has become well known across the United States and Canada for it's efficiency, ease of use, and robust construction.

New testing shows the G series as having the highest efficiency in the field.

Features you'll appreciate:

  • Down-draft Burning with Tornado rotating multi-pass ceramic refractory reburn, reaches temperatures over 2,000* F. Violent spinning motion with 180 degree turn equals twice the distance traveled to finish burning smoke completely. No other competitor does this.

  • Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steel is used for the firebox and water jacket. Some brands use a mild steel water jacket and claim to be stainless.

  • Smoke Bypass. A power-vented (not passive) smoke bypass system ensures very little smoke comes out of the door when loading wood. Eliminate smoke smell on your clothing.

  • Auto Shutdown stops the draft if furnace runs out of wood.

  • Larger Easy Loading Firebox. Firebox is designed so the wood burns evenly and maintains a hot coal bed. Firebox sizes are larger for 2020 models for longer burn times.

  • Completely Accessible Airways. A first in the industry.

  • Maintenance- less than most units.
    The G-series is one of the lowest maintenance units on the market. The vertical heat exchange tubes with E Z Clean turbulators eliminates manual scraping and brushing required with other brands. Minimal ash and creosote are created due to the high temp re-burn.  


Dimensions (L x W x H) - 59 x 40 x 83"

Fire Box (L x W x H) - 23 x 22 x 32"

Water Capacity - 116 gal

Approx. HeatingSpace - 1,500 - 4,000 sq ft

8 hour BTU rate 90,000 BTU's

Max burn rate 150,000 BTU's

Two sets outlets standard

Smoke Bypass included

Firebox Door 20"x20"

Firebox Volume 9.4 cu ft

G series
  • Tank Design mixes the water to an even temperature, heating the entire tank for more heating capacity during heavy heat loads.

  • Spray Foam Insulation plus Foam Board Panels has double the insulation value!

  • Efficiency. We have seen a very impressive reduction wood consumption with these units. Uses less than half the wood of a regular outdoor furnace. Third party testing shows efficiency near 90%, numbers unheard of several years ago.

  • Download the tax credit certificate here.


Dimensions (L x W x H) - 71 x 52 x 85"

Fire Box (L x W x H) - 29 x 29 x 38"

Water Capacity - 195 gal

Approx. HeatingSpace - 4,000 - 7,000 sq ft

8 hour BTU rate 165,000 BTU's

Max burn rate 210,000 BTU's

Two sets outlets standard

Smoke Bypass included

Firebox Door 20"x20"

Firebox Volume 18.6 cu ft

Many of our customers have never burned a down draft wood furnace before, and they have questions. Find answers to questions about wood, emissions, maintenance, and more on our FAQs page

Also check out Heatmaster SS's video of the furnace

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