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How It Works

  1. The outdoor furnace is sited 30-100 ft from the house, preferably down wind. A concrete pad is convenient, but is not required, concrete block work well also for a foundation. We strongly recommend the furnace be installed outside your woodshed for fire safety.

  2. Insulated Pex lines are run underground from the outdoor furnace to your basement or crawl space.

  3. Hot water from the outdoor furnace is piped first to the water heater. A flatplate heat exchanger is used to preheat
    the water entering the water heater, providing unlimited hot water. The supply from the outdoor furnace then
    continues on to the air handler or boiler. A coil is placed in the duct or another flat plate is used to heat a
    pressurized boiler. Your existing water heater and heating system (heat pump, gas furnace, boiler, etc.) will still
    work as they always did but are now used only as a backup.

  4. Infloor heat in a garage or shop is great for buildings that need a steady even heat source 24/7.

  5. Forced air blowers are better for buildings where the desired air temp is adjusted up and down (day and night,
    weekends etc.).

  6. Pools are usually heated in the spring and fall allowing the pool to be used in cooler weather. Normally the
    furnace is tied into the pool filter system using a tube and shell heat exchanger.

Load the furnace, prop your feet up, and don't worry about it til tomorrow. This is wood burning the easy way.
We guarantee unlimited HOT water and WARM heat without the bill! Houses, doublewides, pools, shops, greenhouses- we can heat almost anything!

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