Pre-installation Check List

  1. Choose a location for your furnace that is downwind from your house and on the side nearest the water heater if possible. Ideally the furnace is set between 30 and 100 feet from your house. Longer distances can be done but will add additional cost and will reduce flow rates and efficiency.

  2. We do not install or service furnaces inside a building. For fire safety keep the unit outside and allow adequate room between the firebox door and your fuel. Siting the furnace inside or even too close to a building can also trap smoke inside and may require chimney extensions which can clog with creosote or condensation. Plan ahead and save yourself some headache!

  3. Level the site enough that we can use concrete block to set the furnace on or you can pour a concrete pad. Pad dimensions vary by furnace model.  See furnace specs for dimensions. Pads work best when designed at least 6 inches wider and 3-6 feet longer than the furnace dimensions to allow standing room. See slide for example.

  4. Dig a ditch from the rear of the furnace to the wall of the house aiming for the water heater. Piping will go first to the water heater and then the air handler or boiler.

  5. Clear the area around the air handler/boiler and water heater to allow easy access for installation.

  6. We will also need access to 110v electricity to power the furnace either from the breaker panel or other 110 v. source.

  7. Have dry wood available to start a fire when we are finished. 

  8. That's all! We will do all the rest, including setting the furnace, drilling the hole through the wall, and firing up the unit.

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